About Us

Experience and Character
Glynn Dowdle has been running construction projects since the late 80’s, totaling more than $200 million. Dowdle Construction Group, the organization that bears his name has a reputation of conducting business with integrity, honesty and a serious commitment to communicating and working through the details.  If you spend any time with Glynn, you will hear him say things like: “It takes a lot of teamwork, collaboration, training, listening and responding quickly to everyone to run a successful construction business, especially on today’s compressed schedule.”   He’ll remind you that “building things well is only half the puzzle… You need to be able to communicate quickly – and with the technology available today, there’s no reason not to do a good job of responding.”  Around the office, we call those kind of statements “Glynnisms”.

Glynn will remind you that many of the frustrations from the owners of the medical buildings, churches, schools, convenience markets, they construct or remodel, can arise out of a lack of response.  He’ll tell you that communication is REALLY important.  He’ll slowly emphasize these words when he talks, THERE – ARE – SO – MANY – DETAILS on a construction project and you “cannot work off generalities”.   His team knows the importance of calling someone – even when things are going great; just to say “Everything is going well up to this point”.

Dowdle Construction Group wants you to feel like your project is the ONLY project.  We will give your job our full attention and do so with speed, communication and quick responses if there are issues.   Our project managers live the philosophy that Glynn embodies, and we don’t just “stick our nose in the plans”.

Dowdle provided an outstanding finished product. They demonstrated exceptional construction knowledge and always had the Owner’s best interest in mind. Glynn Dowdle was the Project Executive and represented, in my opinion, what all Contractors should be; someone trusted by the Owner to get the job done efficiently and on time.”

– Bryan W. Barton, P.E. Manager, Civil Construction Planning, Design & Construction
Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority

Project Philosophy

So. Great. We actually like people and know how to communicate. What’s our overall goal with that? Time for a Glynnism: “I want to be friends with the owners of these jobs at the end of the project.”

Everyone is happy during the beginning of a project. The planning phase is fun and there is a certain excitement that happens when you kick off a multi-million dollar construction project. (If you’ve ever worn a hardhat and brought your coffee to work in a thermos, you know exactly what we’re talking about.) The first blueprint, the plans, details, drafts, first shovel full of dirt dug, first room remodeled, first building flattened and carried off the premises… You can feel the collective vision of the team. But what happens when you hit a snag?

Yes, you will hit a snag or two.

Snag happens.
Yes, we said it, snags do happen. We work very hard at planning our projects and that includes planning for snags. We are meticulous about codes but sometimes those folks need even more from us. Our field managers are well trained in professional building techniques, building standards, logistics process, and the importance of deadlines, however these teams are filled with people that have feelings, goals, dreams and desires – and sometimes make mistakes. We have learned that honesty, taking ownership of our mistakes and working quickly towards a solution helps us to shine with our owners. “Honesty is still the best policy” – Glynnism (although we think he may have borrowed that one).

Truth in Advertising
Recently we were building two of the exact same type of building that started on the same day, two states away from each other. One project was running smooth as the dance floor in the Casa Azafran Community Center and the other project hit a few setbacks. We had brought in a local project superintendent because we wanted to be good stewards to that community. He had with a good reputation! But after a few months we realized that we needed to shift one of our other project managers to that location. Our guy made up a ‘6 week behind schedule’ deficit in 5 weeks and both of the projects finished on time, and we all got to be happy together.

Thank you for all that you did to bring our plans from an architectural drawing to a beautiful, attractive, functional, cost efficient standing structure. We will always be grateful and appreciative to you and your team.”

– Mrs. Sandra D. H. Hunt, Chair – Kingdom Building Committee
Locust Ridge Primitive Baptist Church

We have a keen respect for our great team of subcontractors, read about our Subcontractor Fairness Doctrine here. These folks understand the principles of teamwork, collaboration, commitment, responsibility, and ethics. Some construction companies view their sub contractors as a ‘necessary evil’. We realize that they are every bit as important as any new deal we close! These people help us achieve big goals, which on the surface, may look unrealistic… That’s what our business owners expect from us and that is what we deliver. We couldn’t build great projects without great subcontractors. You want to see some of these projects? We thought you would never ask. Click here to check out our portfolio!