Services Offered

Dowdle Construction Group specializes in professional construction projects of all sizes. Some of our more notable projects include municipal airplane hangars,community buildings, worship centers, and various retail stores. The main thing they have in common – besides walls, floors and windows, is that their owners all have dreams, goals, tight timelines and even tighter budgets attached to them. We understand the various needs of each business owner and attack these projects with our value commitment and focused precision.

The most impressive and enlightening part of my experience while working with Dowdle was the honesty in which they went about their work and in the delivery of the completed hangar complex. In one instance, representatives identified a problem that was not noticed during inspection. They corrected the problem and did additional work to ensure that the repair looked good and would not be noticeable to the Airport or its tenants. They did not attempt to ask for additional time or pay for this work or attempt to blame some other party. I experienced this quality and work ethic throughout the project which in the end made for a highly successful project and addition to the Murfreesboro Municipal Airport.”

– Chad L Gehrke, Airport Manager
Murfreesboro Municipal Airport

Dowdle Construction Group is a full-service, general contracting company.
At the core that means 2 things:


    • We build many types of projects. Big churches, community centers, airport hangers, and retail locations such as convenience stores. We also do remodel projects that fit our target market.


  • We help job owners sleep better, because we do #1 well, know how to communicate with our job owners, have deep integrity, passion, character and love what we do.

We accomplish these tasks by having solid processes, excellent employees, and great relationships with our subcontractors – and a little help from new(ish) technology.

Your suggestions in many areas saved and reduced future expenses. We have already experienced savings, as a result of your guidance. Since the completion and final pay off of our church building, you continue to be assessable to us as needed. We will always be grateful and appreciative to the dedication and the professionalism of your entire team.”

Mrs. Sandra D.H. Hunt, Chair, Kingdom Building Committee
Locust Ridge primitive Baptist Church