Subcontractors Fairness Doctrine

Dowdle Construction Group, created this Fairness Doctrine in order to fairly manage relationships between subcontractors, vendors, and us.  We believe the fair and ethical treatment of subcontractors’ means having prompt payment practices, unbiased project supervision, and quality scheduling for all projects.  This has proven to be mutually beneficial to us, our clients, and our subcontractors/vendors.


Bid Procurement

1. Subcontractor bids will be procured in accordance with the contract documents of the project at hand.  When appropriate to the needs of a project, special consideration will be given to: Minority-Owned, Women-Owned, and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises.

2. Contact with bidders may be made in order to fully comprehend subcontractor bids and to ensure bids cover the applicable scope of work called for on a project.

3. Subcontractors need to submit bids by the time requested by Dowdle Construction Group.  This allows enough time to evaluate bids, ask questions, and to review bid documents if necessary.

4. Dowdle Construction will send written notifications to subcontractor bidders regarding important information such as: addenda, bid filing extensions, etc.

5. If a responsible or reasonable bid is not received for a scope of work, Dowdle Construction Group reserves the right to continue procuring bids after the bid due date.


Awarding Contracts

Dowdle Construction Group will award contracts, to the lowest responsible bidder qualified to perform the work, with the following in consideration.

1. Subcontractors will not be solicited to bid unless we deem them as able to perform the work in accordance with contract documents.

2. Information pertaining to subcontractor bids will not be released to anyone outside Dowdle Construction Group at any time prior to the general bid filing.

3. If a subcontractor’s bid is deemed significantly lower than the next lowest, the subcontractor will be notified of this fact.

4. Inquiries regarding subcontractor bids are only answered after (A) work has been awarded, or (B) in the event that we are not the successful bidder.
To download a copy of the Fairness Doctrine, click here