Featured Place You Want to Go: International Market and Restaurant II | Belmont


Featured Place You Want to Go: International Market and Restaurant II | Belmont

When we embarked on this project, we knew there was a lot of nostalgia and anticipation wrapped up in this local establishment near Belmont University’s campus. Originally opened in 1975 by Patti and Win Myint, the International Market and Restaurant became a popular place to grab a bite to eat for students, locals and visitors alike.

It would stay open for the next 45 years until mid-2019 when Belmont bought the site to build a performing arts center. The community was heartbroken to hear of International Market’s closing.

Thankfully it didn’t stay closed for long. Shortly after its closing, the Myint’s children, Anna and Arnold, decided to revive the restaurant in place of Blvd, another of Arnold’s restaurants across the street. After Patti Myint’s death in 2018, Arnold and family decided to take a break from Blvd. It was not re-opened before they decided to relocate International Market.

The restaurant/market is located in an old residential building that was built in 1915 and later converted into commercial space. Anna and Arnold commissioned Manuel Zeitlin and Dowdle to design and build out the new iteration called International Market and Restaurant II.

international market interior tables

Completely redesigned and modernized, the new space features an open floor plan with a dining area in the front, banquette seating in the center, a serving station on one side and a full bar on the other. Pieces of the original building remain, including some of the brick installed behind the bar. There are also plans for a second phase of construction to add a private dining room in the back.

Now open, the market sells specialty groceries and gifts just like the original. The restaurant also includes some of its original offerings, like a steam table and “specials from the kitchen,” as well as an enhanced menu inspired by the siblings’ recent trip to Thailand in honor of their mother.

international market interior booth

The restaurant looks better than ever, and we’re very proud to have helped bring a local favorite back to life.

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