Chalmette National Cemetery

About This Project

Chalmette National Cemetery Historic Masonry Wall Repair

Our work was subcontracted under the general contractor, Jones Brothers Enterprise of St. Rose, Louisiana.  The project began in early 2009 and was completed in the early 2010.  Sections of the wall had collapsed or were damaged by Hurricane Katrina.  Masonry work was performed under Dowdle Construction Group’s subcontract by WW Masonry Restoration.  Ground penetrating radar was used to verify that no graves would be impacted by the work performed below grade.


Following the radar work the brick were carefully removed and stacked on wooden pallets for delivery to a warehouse next to the cemetery. Each pallet was tagged to indicate the section of the wall where the brick were removed. Once in the warehouse, the brick were cleaned by hand using a chisel and stiff brush. After cleaning, the brick were again stacked on pallets.


Before being reinstalled in the wall, all salvaged brick were soaked in water barrels for 7 days. Total duration of the work was one year.