About This Project

Located near the Vanderbilt campus on Division Street, Dogwood is a local college bar for students in the Nashville area. The building, originally built in 1962, was updated to house the newest of several Dogwood locations, including in Houston and Austin. We worked with Carmack Concepts Inc. to turn this two-story building into a trendy indoor/outdoor space. This 9,000-square-foot, multi-level bar is a great gathering place in the center of Midtown. 


Some unique elements that give Dogwood its young and lively charm are the roll-up garage doors and patios on both levels, which helps to create flow between the interior and outside areas. There are also three indoor bars across both floors.  


We hit a few challenges while working on this project. Since the original structure was built almost 60 years ago, building code requirements have changed. We had to do quite a bit of work to bring the building up to these new codes. But working through these challenges made the end result so much more rewarding. We thoroughly enjoyed working with owners Brad Womack, Chad Womack and Jason Carrier!