“True ‘Normalcy’ May Not Come Until Next Year” – Nashville Post

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“True ‘Normalcy’ May Not Come Until Next Year” – Nashville Post

Dowdle President and Principal Glynn Dowdle spoke with the Nashville Post about his predictions and advice for the construction industry in 2021 and beyond. According to the article, Glynn’s “prevailing note” is, “Be patient.”

Glynn continued, “In business, you have to be self-motivated if you want to be successful. Self-motivation assumes that you can control your destiny and be proactive with your time – and that you can ultimately control the outcome. But I’ve learned this year that there are just some things that I can’t control. I can have some control over my health and well-being, but I can’t change my genetics, I can’t control COVID, and I can’t control what my partners and employees do outside of work. It’s been a good lesson in humility, maturity and life as a whole.”

But ultimately Glynn believes, “this too shall pass.”

As far as predictions go, Glynn thinks that by Q3, the industry will start to make its way toward “normal” again, as construction companies’ healthy backlogs of work become active. However, things may not be truly normal until next year.

He also thinks that the construction job market is “fairly strong” with many talented people available due to unfortunate COVID-related layoffs. While some weren’t previously trained in construction, they’re able to transfer their skills to the industry. He also noted that the construction-specific layoffs seemed to be more in the corporate positions rather than tradespeople.

In addition, Glynn remarked on the health of his own company, noting that he was fortunate to not have to let anyone go, despite pauses on projects, supply chain issues and other setbacks.

Read the full interview for more of Glynn’s thoughts in the Nashville Post.

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